Friday, November 19, 2010

Can your kids learn from antique cookbooks?

One of the problems that confront us as a society today, the amount of "junk" that is to say, in food today. With so many preservatives and ingredients in food today it is no wonder that our children are faced with so many health-related problems.
With the push to natural nutrition organic cooking, it makes you think that the cookbooks of yesterday are perhaps the way to go. Why?
Well, antique Cookbooks are chocked full of "natural" recipes that are not full of strange ingredients and other junk in them. What happened to the days of fresh products or vegetables in our meals and the natural cooking methods we used to do.
If you've ever been on a diet or just changed what you eat, you know that can make the difference in how you feel when you eat healthier. Trust me, try changing your diet for a week and see if you see a difference.
Get rid of the fast food and frozen pizza. The boxed macaroni and cheese.If you have been wanting to try something good,find a good antique Cookbook and buy some fresh ingredients.Take a little time in the kitchen and go for it.
Cooking doesn't have to be difficult. it does not have to take up a lot of time either. But when you realize how much better you can feel with natural and fresh ingredients in your meals, you won't look at the fast food junk again!

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