Monday, November 22, 2010

Grocery store shopping

My grocery cart was packed with children and food — and everyone was happy. I can only take credit for the choice of the store. The real credit goes to my local grocery store. I often find this store great not just for the savings but for the friendly service too,and the perks, that make it so much easier to shop — such as a free piece of fruit for the children baggers that load your car for ya.
Grocery stores have realized that they can attract the customers by offering more services. Hence the addition of banks, post offices, child care facilities, and pharmacies. But the best grocery store, still focuse on providing top quality food and helping consumers to make healthy choices.To support customers, some grocery stores displaying educational posters and chefs have Highlighted healthy cooking techniques. Others pulling out all the stops with Dietitians nutrition advice.Does your local grocery store offers these services?DO perks affect your buying habits? are you making healthier choices? what other services would you like to see?

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