Saturday, November 20, 2010

Healthy sandwich Makeover

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Looking for ideas to jazz up back to school lunches for your child — or yourself?.How about resurrecting a sandwich? If your idea of a healthy sandwich is a slice of meat between two slices of bread — can you do better.If you want to create your healthy sandwich, choose one or more of the following items:
Turkey:Sliced, diced, Roasted, shaved, shredded, or replace all lean protein whole grain: sliced bread bun, construction, tortilla, pita, ciabatta, baguette, focaccia, naan, English muffin, bread, bagel, flat, cracker spread or relish: mustard (regular, hot or sweet), with low-fat, mayonnaise, Cranberry relish or other fruit spread, hummus, honey, peanut butter, pesto, salsa, refried beans with low-fat, BBQ sauce toppings: salad, tomatoes, avocado, peppers (sweet, hot or spicy), celery, Radish, cucumber, herbs, pear trees, grapes, raisins, chopped nuts method of preparation: traditional (layers), toasted, grilled or Panini style, construction or wrap, stuffed, stuffed with salad, delicious
In addition to your healthy sandwich, don't forget to stuff your bags with vegetables and fruit and healthy beverages to sip.
A healthy sandwich, need not be boring. Get creative with those sandwiches,make them healthier and more interesting! what are your suggestions for makeovers sandwich?

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