Saturday, November 20, 2010

Investments in the health of children


Children do better in school when you live well. Their brains function better when they are physically active. So why dont all the schools and child care programs  use this fact to their advantage?

Children, who are well nourished, have a active and healthy school participation.Fewer sick days and better health .Also represent savings in health now and in the future. For example, consider that the reduction of child obesity now means less obesity,and less chronic health problems in the future.

Kids need good designs, access to healthy foods and safe place to play, and many schools rise to the challenge.Other initiatives, events for children to improve health, the objectives of the school with limited resources to provide students the opportunity to eat right and be active in school and are ready to learn.

So how do you want the parent, guardian,-teacher, principal, the worker member of the Council of the services, school, or community concerned neighbor – improving the bottom line for our children?How do you give the kids a healthy environment – at home, at school and in the community?Share your thoughts here.


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