Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Outdoor activities for children that will keep them occupied for hours

There are many benefits to encourage your child to do actively outdoors. Any child activity outdoors, whether it be playing outside or participating in sport can be useful. There are many activities you can do .

Playing outside

You can create fun outdoor children activities and even learn something about yourself along the way.Get a book for your kids about plants and learn different names of plants and trees as you go along, bring a camera and take pictures of plants that you have defined.Make a scrapbook and add information and ideas to do to keep your kids entertained.


This fun outdoor children activity you can do anywhere. even if you cannot go to a place to pitch a tent,camp in the backyard to create ambiance.Get a book and learn different techniques of survival. Learn how to learn about poisonous plants. Create different scenarios for your kids and discuss what will you do in each case, such as lost in the forest or stranded on a deserted island or stuck in the mountains.

Star bright star light
Get map formations and stroll outside to look at the sky. Learn how to recognize various planets, constellations and talk about the history behind them. This outdoor activity can be enjoyed by the whole family.Get booksfrom the library where you can learn more about the solar system,may want to invest in a telescope for your kids to get a better look at the stars above.

How does your garden grow?
Gardening activity  outdoors can teach children how to grow their own food,kids gardening can be rewarding when they see plants grow, as you take care of them.You may want to start small with window boxes or containers and then graduated to convert to a even ground garden.Your child will learn more when they are digging and planting.You will need some flexibility for this activity, children outdoors can become a trip to dig for China or a campaign to locate earthworms.

Choosing your fruits

Although seasonal, it can be fun,find places where you can go and pick  berries, such as blueberries, strawberries blackberries. There are also places where you can go and pick apples and pears, get the whole family in this activity involved,and when your finished you can go home and get your kids to help you do some baking,kids will love it its a great reward for them,not only will this activity will be lots of fun, it will also create precious memories for you and your kids.

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