Friday, November 19, 2010

Spices for your Kids Recipes

One of the best things I have discovered when I am cooking is the joy of using good spices in my kids recipes. I've tried the herbs that you store in the small bottle with the Red tops,they are crap.You just can"t beat or replace the taste or freshness of good herbs or spices in a good recipe.
One of the best things you can teach your children is to cook with fresh ingredients as much as they can. with so many prepared foods today with a lot of sodium and other preservatives, it may be difficult to really determine what exactly your eating and cooking with.
Another problem with some of the herbs is that over time they can go rancid or just loose their taste or potency.After about 6 months of having them in your pantry, most of them will lose their aroma and taste and are worthless to cook.
Anyways, if you have  herbs in your pantry that are older than 6 months, you should really consider getting rid of them, cooking with fresh herbs and spices can really improve the taste of every meal and they are easy to get and use as well.

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