Saturday, November 20, 2010

whats ya bmi range?

I envy people who seem to eat whatever they want without worrying about there weight?If you focus on the mass itself, however, you may be missing the larger picture. Normal body weight or mass index (BMI) is not a guarantee of good health.
A person who has a BMI in the acceptable range,may have an unacceptably high percentage of fat, this is called normal obesity. Too much fat tissue can lead to the risk of cardiovascular disease and have a metabolic syndrome associated with type 2 diabetes, among other chronic diseases.
You may be thinking, "OH great, one more thing to worry about."But look at this: If you are working on maintaining or you want to loss some of that weight, you're already on the right track. healthy diets and exercise are exactly what you need to do to control not only the weight, but also your body fat percentage.
If you are not eating a balanced diet or doing  any exercises, talk to your doctor on the acceptance of a healthier lifestyle, your heart will thank you.

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