Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kids Health-get your kids outside

Better health for our kids is something we all want. How can we honestly think our children are going to develop healthy habits if  parents are"nt setting good examples? We can teach our children a lot just by watching what we do as parents. This is true in all stages of our kids lives.Having said that, here are some things you can do as parents or guardians to ensure your children are getting every opportunity to capture and identify good health habits. Many of these will help us also as parents.

During the summer, or when the weather is nice take a walk or bicycle ride with the family every night. This kind of exercise is good for your health and is a good family activityParticipation outside,try doing some chores with your kids. These things don't have to be difficult do some things like help water your trees or get the kids to help you with the lawns,tidy up outside your kids will appreciate the outdoors more when they are involved.Encourage the participation of your kids in sports at an early age. Most communities have a kind of summer sports. This could include baseball, basketball,soccer etc.Get your kids to try out. Don't get discouraged if your kids don't seem to care and be cautious do not "push" your kids in sports,if they show a intrest be more proactive let them find there own way.

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